Live-Blogging The Legislature (April 17th)

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Follow along as the Illinois legislature convenes in Springfield with pending votes on homebrew legislation and tweaks to the Illinois Liquor Control Act and 3-tier system in the Illinois House as soon as today.


4:38 pm

We’re going to close up shop on this experiment for the day. Rest assured, if something happens with HB 2606 we will update accordingly.

4:37 pm

Floor debate continues in the House. Still no sign of 3-tier bill being called for a vote.

3:41 pm

Homebrew legislation has officially arrived in IL Senate. President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) is chief sponsor.

3:21 pm

BREAKING: Everyone is on board with the proposed 3-tier system legislation, including AB InBev, who stands to lose ownership interest in an IL distributor:

3:08 pm

Still no movement on the 3-tier system legislation but medical marijuana just passed the House 61-57.

2:20 pm

IL House currently debating medical marijuana legislation. Meanwhile, we are working to move a story on 3-tier system bill pending confirmation of some info.

1:33 pm

If you would like visual confirmation of all 118 yes votes on the homebrew legislation here is the roll call.

1:06 pm

Interesting press release from the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois just landed in our inbox. Notes that Anheuser-Busch is not fighting the 3-tier legislation and is willing to divest its interest in City Beverage.

1:03 pm

Seeing as how the first attempt by the legislature to strip AB InBev of its minority interest in City Beverage failed to hold up, they want to make sure the second go-round is airtight.

1:01 pm

Looks like he has filed another amendment to the legislation. Legalese to clear up the legalese. Here is the amendment.

1:00 pm

Mautino is the chief sponsor of the 3-tier bill.

12:59 pm

During a lull in debate we saw State Rep Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley) drop some paperwork by the speakers podium.

12:34 pm

If you are just joining us, the homebrew legislation passed unanimously this morning on a 118-0-0 vote.

12:32 pm

Here’s more on the homebrew bill passing, including a statement from the Illinois Homebrew Alliance:

12:29 pm

We remain glued to our computer speaker, listening in on House floor debate, waiting on the 3-tier bill to be called for a vote.

11:51 am

Charter school debate happening now. Still waiting on the 3-tier system bill which, if it becomes law, would prohibit Anheuser-Busch InBev from maintaining a minority interest – through a wholly owned subsidiary – in Illinois distributor City Beverage.

11:19 am

It appears BlueRoomStream, and the rest of the statehouse press corps, were at a news conference w/ Gov Quinn. Zero floor debate coverage of homebrew bill on twitter.

11:14 am

House Republican blog says 118 lawmakers are present today meaning the homebrew legislation passed as unanimously as a bill can.

11:08 am

House is working its way down a list of bills, in numerical order. 3-tier legislation – which is House Bill 2606 – has not been called yet.

11:04 am

Homebrew legislation now heads to the Illinois Senate.

11:02 am

Huh. Blue Room Stream, the service we were using to monitor the House, was late getting their live feed up. Homebrew legislation has already passed 118-0.

10:53 am

The House is due in at 11, although schedules are rather fluid at the statehouse.

10:43 am

If you’re just joining us, the homebrew bill passed unanimously out of the House this morning on a 118-0-0 vote.

10:36 am

And the 3-tier system bill:

10:24 am

As a primer, here is the homebrew legislation:

10:15 am

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

10:15 am

With the Illinois House due in shortly, and a pair of beverage industry related bills on their plate, we thought we’d take a stab at live-blogging today’s floor debate – if any occurs.


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