Don’t Be This Guy, Selling A FOBAB Ticket for $500

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Thanks to Jason B or @jbena on Twitter, we now have a Craigslist ad at which to direct our “I didn’t get a FOBAB ticket because they sold out in 3 minutes” rage.

Meet this guy:

FOBAB Ticket for $500Double bonus d-bag points for quoting Rod Blagojevich.

Now, we reserve the right to think that maybe — maybe — this guy is just trolling the Chicago beer scene knowing that we’ll be on the lookout for ticket resellers, and saying comically silly things like “I want all your Dark Lords” seems to reinforce that idea, but for right now, it’s what we’ve got.

Also, independent of this being a hoax or not, anyone willing to trade a FoBAB ticket for a bottle of Pappy¬†defines the prhase “fool and his money”, etc etc. A King Henry, on the other hand? Sure, why not.

This post has since been pulled — maybe someone’s beer conscience kicked in.

Regardless of whether or not it was real: Don’t be this guy.

FoBAB is great, but let’s not make a crazy secondary market for this like it’s a ticket to see the Stones play the Aragon.

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