Sparging The News: Galactic is Back, Fountainhead Gets Wet, Two Brothers Take Over

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When it merits, we will bring you the relevant, generally-Chicago-centric information about what you’ll be imbibing around town.  Here’s what’s running through our Mash Tun of Information:

Galactic Double Daisy Cutter

Like we always say, Half Acre does have the most kickass labels.

Way before the nation went Canadian Breakfast Stout crazy, the city of Chicago went mildly mad for Galactic Double Daisy Cutter, a specialty Half Acre brew “jam packed with sticky Galaxy hops” that sold out the day of its release. Binnys of the South Loop has one of the last kegs of this brew that they slyly kept hidden for a rainy day. That rainy day is tomorrow night. Per Binny’s Blog:

The South Loop Tasting Room – our full-service bar located inside the South Loop Binny’s – got a keg of Galactic Double Daisy Cutter. It is probably one of the last kegs of the stuff in Chicago. This is amazing beer. This event will fill up quickly. RSVP right now.


Along with the Galactic Double Daisy Cutter, we are also tapping a couple of other Half Acre favorites, including Daisy Cutter and Captain Fantasy, a summer-release saison made with Sorachi Ace hops and pear puree.


They’ve also added a keg of Tasty Waves, so even those who don’t get a sip of the Galactic can still dig on some quality Half Acre. Get in touch with them by calling 312.768.4400.

Fountainhead Gets Wet (Andrew WK Records Need Not Apply)

We’ve been suckers for wet-hopped beers since we lucked into a case of Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere last year. If you like them like we like them, you’ll like Fountainhead’s “It Might Get Wet” event, starting at 4pm this afternoon. (Sounds dirty, doesn’t it?)

Here’s a list of what they plan to have on tap:

Sierra Nevada – Yakima Washington Harvest
Two Brothers – Heavy Handed Columbus
Victory – Harvest Pils
Bridgeport- Hop Harvest
New Holland – Hopivore
Three Floyd’s – Broo Doo
Two Brothers – Heavy Handed Bravo
Sierra Nevada – Estate
Two Brothers – Heavy Handed Cascade
Victory – Harvest Ale
Great Divide – Fresh Hop
Two Brothers – Heavy Handed Centennial
Port – High Tide
Half Acre – Sticky Fat
Two Brothers – Heavy Handed Cascade – Cask Conditioned
& the only Cask in Chicago of:

Two Brothers Take The South Loop

In case you didn’t get enough Two Brothers at the Hoodwink Release at  Small Bar on Monday (and it’s likely you didn’t) there’s always the Franklin Tap this Friday. We’re excited about the Hop Juice Black, and even more excited that it’s right around the corner from work. Other standout rare drafts include the Robust Porter and Imperial Pilsner. Reps from the brewery will swing by at around 4ish; here’s a list of what they plan to have on tap.

Is there a new Chicago Beer Festival coming our way?

We were wandering Facebook when we found this. LA-based Drink:Eat:Play seem to be interested in bringing some beer party action to our area and are sourcing places to do so. Let them know where you want them to show up, should they decide to head east. Our vote: Not another fest at the Aragon, please. The Uptown Theater would be cool…if it ever opens again, of course.


Never mind, we’re idiots who read the dates wrong. Leaving the copy below for eternal reminders of our general idiocy. (We thought this sounded familiar, too. Damn.)

No DFH for WI and IN. SMH.

It sucks to be Dogfish Head fans in Wisconsin and Indiana. DFH announced this week that they’re pulling distribution from those states, along with Tennessee and Rhode Island. Chicago remains on their distribution list, so Wisconsinites, we’ll see you at the border. Bring Spotted Cow.

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