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The Beer's Here

As a semi-recent transplant to a place (northern Michigan) that doesn’t get nearly as much beer distributed to it as Chicago does, I’ve found myself looking into a few options for direct-to-consumer beer delivery, so I can continue to try beer from places I don’t get as much access to as I’d like.

Our Tavour Chronicles are part of that, and this new program from BeerMenus appeals to the same sort of desire. As someone who has no patience for the trading scene, I’m just looking for a simple way to find an occasional random beer from a place I’m unlikely to easily access. I don’t have any intention of ordering an easily-accessible 12-pack through the mail, but for discovery, these services make more and more sense.

With that said, we’re also fans of BeerMenus and have been for years – as a beer writer, a well-maintained BeerMenus account has led me to many places that have the beers I needed to write about, or gave me options to promote local restaurants that may have had a beer available that I wanted to tell people about.

All that adds up to our interest in passing along this new email service from BeerMenus, Since we’ve been running our own newsletter for years (you are subscribed, aren’t you? If not, you should do so here) we like to help out where we can when it comes to getting new and interesting info into your inbox.

Take a look:

The Beer's Here

March 9, 2021


The Beer’s Here newsletter launches, weekly email keeps beer drinkers updated on great new releases they can get delivered

Earlier this month, a company that has connected beer lovers and beer sellers for over a decade, launched a new weekly email newsletter, The Beer’s Here

Each week newsletter subscribers receive a rundown of great new beer releases they can get delivered from top breweries around the country, and around the neighborhood. Shipping and delivery options vary greatly from state to state, and The Beer’s Here is the only centralized way for beer lovers to discover offerings from top breweries delivering to them (including great out-of-state breweries). 

“We created The Beer’s Here because we wanted it to exist,” BeerMenus CEO and co-founder Eric Stephens said. “So many amazing breweries created shipping programs because of the pandemic, but it was next to impossible to stay on top of it all—Who ships to me? Do they have a release this week? What is it?—The only way to keep tabs was to follow each brewery on Instagram. We missed out on some really special beers despite trying to stay in the loop.”

Because of The Beer’s Here, that doesn’t happen anymore. “Each newsletter is customized to a subscriber’s zip code. This way, you only hear about new releases you can actually get delivered. I open my email Thursday morning and can see all the awesome new releases I can get shipped to me. I click straight from the email and boom—my beer’s ordered. No more scrolling Instagram, no more missing out on great new releases.”

The newsletter already has subscribers in all 50 states and is growing rapidly. It’s free to sign up, and once you subscribe you’ll receive your customized newsletter every Thursday morning. was founded in 2008 by brothers Eric and Will Stephens. Since then the company has helped millions of beer drinkers find great beer, and has helped +40,000 beer businesses promote their beer selection to their locals and sell more beer with top-notch on-premises menu tools, all while saving them time. 


We receive a ton of beer-related press releases, but we’ll only bring you the ones we think are relevant, fun, interesting, cool, newsworthy, or offer something we’d be interested in checking out ourselves.

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