Wet Hopped Beers in Indiana – 2014

wet hoppedWhat the Hoosier state lacks in quantity it makes up for in creativity that goes into brewing wet hopped beers in Indiana. Sure, brewers here tackle the standard wet hopped IPA or Pale Ale. But they’re also stepping out of the box a bit to brew things like a wet hopped red ale or a wet hopped imperial amber ale.

In The Bottle

Add Broo Doo to the ever-growing list of Three Floyds beers that stir excitement in anticipation of its release. Available in bombers and on tap in October, this IPA brings all the hop characteristics Three Floyds is known for, with equal parts nutty and citrusy touches, clocking in with an 80 IBU wallop.

Upland Brewing’s Harvest Ale — an American Pale Ale — is perhaps the most widely distributed wet hopped beer from Indiana, available in bottles and on tap across the Midwest. Bitter, tropical and a pleasant aroma. It’s only 35 IBUs, but seems to deliver a heavier punch than that.

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From the Tap

Aquaffalypse IPA, brewed with Cascade hops from Waltz Valley Farm, can be found at two locations. The first, at Big Woods Brewing Company in Nashville, IN and at their affiliated restaurant in Bloomington, IN called Quaff on Bloomington.

Mad Anthony Brewing will be releasing Hop Wang tonight. The wet hopped double IPA clocks in at 7.6% ABV and 95 IBU’s. It was brewed with 70-pounds of cascade hops.

You can find People’s Brewing Company’s wet hopped pale ale at its Lafayette tap room now and across the rest of the state later this week. Local Farmer Harvest Ale was brewed with three different wet hop varieties picked from two hop farms.

Chilly Water Brewing in Indianapolis recently tapped its Buddy’s Hop Harvest Red Ale, brewed with hops picked just a few miles from the brewery.

Wet Hopped & Sticky, from Sun King Brewing, was released a few weeks ago and may still be on draft here and there. The IPA was brewed with hops grown just east of the Indianapolis brewery at Three Hammers Farms, which is providing a bevy of Midwest breweries with hops.

The New Albanian Brewing Company will be releasing its wet hopped beer, Wet Knobs Harvest Pale Ale, next week. A farm in nearby Floyds Knobs provided the hops for this fresh hopped pale ale.

It’s tough to get hops from a source closer than Chesterton for Michigan City’s Shoreline Brewery. They dumped more than 40 pounds of wet hops into their 9th Anniversary Ale, an American Pale Ale.

In a few weeks you’ll be able to find Flat12 Bierwerks’ Equinox Wet Hop IPA on tap. Bob Weaver, VP of Marketing, tells Guys Drinking Beer this beer — new this year — is brewed solely with Equinox hops and to expect, “lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper,” aromas.

Freshly plucked Galena and Cascade hops went into Indiana Summer, an IPA, from Twisted K-8 Brewing. The beer was just recently tapped.

Golden, grassy and available on tap now throughout central and southern Indiana, Bloomington Brewing’s Homegrown Wet Hop Ale delivers earthy, grassy notes amid a slight pine finish.

Norris English Pub brewed their wet hopped Pale Ale a few weeks ago. Owner Wayne Norris tells Guys Drinking Beer you can find it at the Liquor Mart in Liberty, IN.

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Gone but not Forgotten

Indiana City Brewing got an early jump on its harvest ales, which means if you didn’t then you’re out of luck. Owner Ray Kamstra tells Guys Drinking Beer he brewed two beers: Red Collar, a wet hopped imperial amber ale, and Hop Jaw, an IPA. The imperial amber is long gone and the harvest IPA kicked over the weekend.

Lafayette Brewing Company Owner Greg Emig grows hops at his house and — like clockwork — they’re ready to be harvested every year in July. His Harvest Ale was on tape by early August and gone shortly thereafter. Take note hop heads; if you need your wet hop fix before October then Lafayette Brewing is the place to be.

While we scoured brewery websites and social media and sent emails and filled out contact forms we know there’s a chance we missed a beer or two. However we feel this is a pretty comprehensive rundown of wet hopped beers in Indiana. If we missed something feel free to chime in below with a comment. To find out what other state’s are up to, follow the links below.

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