“Where I’m From”: Temperance Releases Beer Benefiting Evanston Reparations

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100% of the beer’s proceeds will go to the city’s fund, believed to be the first in the nation

Following the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020, America saw an amazing outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the form of public protests, corporate statements and financial donations. In the brewing community, we were happy to see hundreds of breweries jumped on board the Black Is Beautiful beer collaboration started by Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brewing.

It was an amazing display of solidarity and support, but (call us slightly cynical) even at the time we wondered — would this last? Or was it an example of breweries making the issue a temporary priority, and then letting things go back to “normal” (relatively speaking for 2020, of course).

Thankfully at least one Chicago-area brewery is committed to continuing their efforts. Temperance Brewing in Evanston released the below information about “Where I’m From,” a new beer that will support the town’s reparation fund. It’s not just a portion of the proceeds of this hazy IPA — per the release, 100% of the profits will go to the fund.

With the announcement coming as the country enters Black History Month, it’s wonderful to see a brewery stepping up to continue helping out beyond just a black square on Instagram. Hopefully we see more breweries renew their efforts as well this February.

Temperance’s full release on “Where I’m From” follows in full.


Where I'm From beer temperance brewing evanston

Temperance Beer Company Releases Beer Benefiting Evanston Reparations

Evanston, IL — Evanston’s Temperance Beer Co is releasing a unique new beer that celebrates and supports an Evanston first: The City of Evanston Reparations Fund. The City of Evanston recently created the forward-thinking fund to address, in part, wealth and opportunity gaps that Black Americans experience as a result of historical racism and discrimination.

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Thanks to the leadership of 5th Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simmons, the City Council, and the Evanston community, Evanston, Illinois is the first municipality in the country — and the world — to have created a reparations fund for its Black residents. “We took the first step towards repair in the Black community by passing our reparations policy with dedicated funding,” says Simmons. “As our community works to develop remedy policies, it is important that we grow our fund to meet the goals for our Black community.” In addition to funding provided by a 3% tax on local marijuana sales, individuals and organizations may donate to the fund.

“I am so proud of the leadership that the City Council has shown with the fund,” Temperance Beer Co.’s founder and Evanston native Josh Gilbert explains. “It’s just a start, but it’s an important start, and we wanted to lend our voice and financial support in a way that will hopefully inspire others.”

Alderman Simmons responds, “Good leadership demonstrated by Temperance Beer is an example of the collective new direction in our City.”

The beer is called Where I’m From, an homage to the Digable Planets’ song of the same name. “Evanstonians have fierce hometown pride,” says Gilbert, “so we are proudly proclaiming where we’re from — and where we’re going— through this beer,” a hazy India Pale Ale with vanilla, tangerine, and orange peel. While Temperance Beer Co. had originally intended to contribute 13% of the proceeds to the fund, it recently decided to increase the amount to 100%.

“Temperance Beer has always been a thoughtful ally showcasing Black culture. I was not surprised to learn the owner, Josh Gilbert, was not only in support, but ready to take action,” states Alderman Simmons, “and commissioned the incredible talent of Maia Faith for the artwork.”

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Maia Faith, the Evanston artist who designed the label, says that she “felt honored that Temperance entrusted me with bringing the visual representation of reparations in Evanston to life.” With her suitable-for-framing design, she explains the two characters are “separate yet connected,” and “as Evanston moves forward together, we are turning over a new and necessary leaf. When focusing specifically on the Black community, the tree signifies roots (history) and strength.” She goes on to explain the background “pale yellow/beige color makes one think of something old (the past)” while the “lush green of the leaves stands out, showing the possibility of life.” She concludes, “the leaves are not static, but rustling in the wind — the wind of change.”

“On behalf of our City of Evanston and the ward where Temperance Beer Co. started, we stand with you as you take this historic step with our Local Reparations Fund,” says Evanston 2nd Ward Alderman Peter Braithwaite, adding, “you make me proud of where I am from.”

Beginning Friday, January, 29, Where I’m From will be available at the brewery, located at 2000 Dempster Street in Evanston. It will be available from local retailers in early February. To make a donation to the City of Evanston Reparations Fund, click here. Find more of Faith’s art on Instagram @happygolefty.

About Temperance Beer Co

Evanston’s first brewery, Temperance Beer Company, celebrated when its first beers were poured in September 2013 at Prairie Moon in Evanston. The on-site Tap Room opened shortly thereafter in December 2013. Known for its unique takes on classic styles like Greenwood Beach Blonde, a summer session ale with pineapple, Temperance has created a loyal following among Evanstonians and Chicagoans alike. The brewery has been featured in numerous media such as TimeOut Chicago, ABC-TV, Zagat, Crain’s Chicago Business, Red Eye, WCIU-TV, WBEZ-FM, and the Chicago Reader. In its first competition, at just over a year old, Temperance took home a Silver Medal from the 2014 Great American Beer Festival® for Gatecrasher, its English-Style IPA. Temperance’s beers pair well with the best times of your life. For more information, visit www.temperancebeer.com, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @temperancebeer or Instagram at @temperancebeer.

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About the Evanston Reparations Fund

The City of Evanston’s reparations planning process began in June 2019 following the City Council’s adoption of a resolution affirming the City’s commitment to end structural racism and achieve racial equity. The City Council’s Equity and Empowerment Commission held two community meetings to gather public input on reparations in July, and summarized input and recommendations in a report to the City Council. In September, the Council accepted the Equity and Empowerment Commission’s report and authorized the creation of a City Council subcommittee to begin the planning process.


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