Who Will Be Chicagoland’s 200th Brewery?

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Here are the projects currently in planning or under construction:

Who will be Chicagoland's 200th brewery

By our count, the Chicagoland metro area has nearly 190 production breweries, taproom breweries and brewpubs.* As you can see below, there’s also plenty in planning.

Here’s are the projects we have on our radar right now. Anything that we’re missing? Let us know. One of these will be the area’s 200th brewery:

The Chicago area brewing scene made national news late last year when the Brewers Associated announced that we have the largest concentration of breweries in a metro area, and since then the scene has just kept expanding.

Is aiming for the 200th brewery in the area around here a bit of an arbitrary number? Sure — but it’s taken us ten years to get this far, and 300 breweries is a long way off. So this is what we’re looking for right now.

Know of any other forthcoming projects waiting in the wings? Let us know.

*(Not to mention beer brands that don’t have their own space — we’re not counting those here unless they’re actively working towards their own facilities.)

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