Our Chicago Brewery Map is here to help you find the breweries, brewpubs, beer bars, tap rooms and bottle shops that make our area the beer destination that it is.

Our Chicago Brewery Map covers the hundreds of places that brew beer, sell beer, package beer and properly pour beer. Considering the ever-changing face of Chicago’s craft beer scene, this is about as up to date as you can get (we hope).

Looking for something specific? Just click the box in the upper left corner of the map to see all the available types of map points. We broke out production-only breweries, breweries with taprooms, as well as brewpubs, bottle shops and more into their individual categories.

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Chances are good you’ve got something near you to drink — time to get to work! And yes, we try to keep this map as accurate as possible. That said, we recommend you doublecheck everything through Google, Facebook and Instagram — hours, menus, address (yes even address) — if you’re planning a visit to any of these many breweries.

Spot something missing? Email us! We’re happy to make changes if you see a spot that’s closed down — or opened up — without us immediately knowing about it.

Chicago Brewery Map

There are many other great sites that have beer maps available also. Another great resource we use is the list of Illinois breweries on BeerAdvocate.