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We use the above headline very loosely because it’s not like we get paid for what we do, nor are we paying anyone else to do what they do, but we do take pride in the stories we publish here and want to put the best product on the web we can.

If you’re a regular reader then you’ve likely noticed our news coverage skewing towards the beverage industry more and more; legislation, wholesaler changes and new breweries entering the Illinois market. And, if you’re new to our site, then chances are it is those kinds of stories that have brought you here.

This is not by accident.

We have found gaps in news coverage of the beverage industry and we are working to fill those gaps. Sure, it’s a niche audience, but an untapped audience at that. This makes us all the more excited to announce the addition of a “legal analyst” to our reporting team.

Now, we’d love to tell you that we found this person through an extensive search of law firms in Chicago but, truth be told, he found us and volunteered his services. And we kindly accepted.

Over the coming days, weeks and months you’ll see the name Thomas Vogelhuber pop up on our website from time-to-time. Thom is a 2012 DePaul Law School graduate and currently works as an associate attorney at Pittacora & Crotty, a small law firm in Chicago which focuses on business and commercial transactions and litigation. His long-term interests, however, are more geared towards alcohol regulation and distribution, including commercial transactions and litigation, intellectual property, trade practices, and tax related-issues.

We’re looking forward to reading Thom’s legal insight on a number of cases playing out in courtrooms in Illinois and beyond.

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