Michiganders Drink New Brewpub Dry, Twice

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This past summer we told you about a mysterious brewery, One Trick Pony, that opened in Lansing, IL with little to no buildup.

Turns out, it was owner Marc Kocol’s plan all along to fly under the radar until the brewery opened – in part to make sure he could meet demand.

“We had to brew ALOT to replenish after a soft opening in May for the village – we nearly ran dry one night; and given the above, I wanted to make sure we have a sufficient handle on beer demands locally before the whole Chicago-area craft beer scene gets wind of us,” said Kocol in an email exchange in July. “[I’m] deathly afraid of running dry…[you] only get one chance to make a good impression.”

Now we understand what Kocol was so deathly afraid of.

MLive reports Our Brewing Company, in Holland, MI, ran out of beer not once, but twice, after patrons drank their taps dry.

The brewpub opened at 7 p.m. on Oct. 26, and had run through their initial 15 kegs — a week’s worth of beer — the next day. Doublestein closed the brewpub for the week as the staff scrambled to make more beer. This past weekend, patrons ran though those five kegs on Saturday, Nov. 4.

He said the brewery served more than 500 patrons the first weekend, and another 250 this past Saturday. On tap was a lineup of experimental beers like a coconut porter, coffee and chocolate crème de cocoa stout, a harvest ale, gluten-free trippel, a root beer brown ale and a foreign market pale ale.

“We way underestimated the amount of beer we’d go thought, but I’d say that’s a good problem to have,” he said. “We’re rising to the challenge and we’re going to make sure those who want to try our beer get a chance when we reopen.”

Our Brewing Company is working to stay on target for a planned grand opening on Friday November 16th.

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