Save The Craft Update – Legislation Moving, Ryan And Karl On WGN Radio!

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Momentum continues to roll Save The Craft forward, and we here at GuysDrinkingBeer owe you a ton of thanks for all the emails, comments, retweets, and general feedback about our little outreach that could (and can).  We’ve heard from a ton of you about contacting your state Reps and Senators about the bills that could restrict your access to the craft beer products you love – and we’re not done yet.

First, an update on the bills themselves:

We understand that there’s been some motion in Springfield in both the House and the Senate.  We’ll have specifics for you on Monday as to what’s going on, but we can report on one new piece of legislation that’s supposed to be introduced whose name should raise some concerns for every craft beer lover in Illinois.  The name of that bill?

The Anheuser-Busch Bill.

Again, we’ll have more details on that bill and what motion is taking place in both chambers soon – we’re just locking down the details and making sure we’ve got good info.

Onto the press!

WGN Radio’s Rob Hart contacted us yesterday to produce a piece about Save The Craft.  Our own Ryan was part of the report, as was Representative Greg Harris and Half Acre owner Gabe Magliaro.  Take a listen:


Cool, huh?

Remember that part of this is showing support where it’s due – contact Rep. Greg Harris and tell him thanks for speaking out in support of your favorite Illinois microbrewer.  Go to Half Acre’s blog and leave a comment thanking Gabe for his support of Save The Craft.  And then, call your own state legislators and let them know how you feel about maintaining your access to craft brewers and brewpubs.

Following Ryan’s appearance on the news, WGN then contacted Karl for a full interview with the Mike McConnell show.  Karl and Mike spent a good 10 minutes or so talking about Save The Craft and the issues facing craft brewers in Springfield.  We’ll post that when we get it, Take a listen to the full interview, and huge thanks to WGN Radio for letting us spread the word about Save The Craft.


Again – call.  Email.  Tweet.  Write.  Blog. Talk to someone.  Keep spreading the word about Save The Craft.  If you have a website, feel free to take the logo and use it on your site.  Check out what Shawn Connelly at Beer Philosopher did along those lines, and huge thanks to Shawn for doing so.  In addition, show some appreciation to for their coverage of Save The Craft as well.  All these things are a huge help in making sure Save the Craft stays visible and keeps eyes and minds on the project.  We’re going to keep this ball rolling and we need your help.

As always, thank you all so much!

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