Illinois’ August 2017 Beer Labels

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Behold: the August 2017 Beer Labels from Illinois we’ve discovered.

Each week (or thereabouts) we pore over a database of beer labels approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, to bring you new, reworked or re-branded beers from brewers across Illinois (and sometimes Northwest Indiana) before they hit store shelves. This month: The August 2017 Beer Labels for IL.

You can do this too, if you want! All of these are publicly available through the TTB’s website. But you don’t have to, because you have us and we’re the dorks that find this kinda stuff interesting.

Note: Just because a beer label has cleared the TTB does not mean it will be released soon, if at all. Many breweries send labels to the TTB to have them available should they decide to release a beer, or with plans to release a beer but may not be released for any number of reasons. Treat these labels as an idea of what your favorite Illinois breweries might be doing, but nothing is certain until the breweries release the actual beer.

 This month’s available labels include new looks from: Revolution, Church Street, Lo Rez, Prairie Krafts, Afterthought, Begyle, Prima, Von Jakob, Miskatonic, Hand of Fate, Golden Fox, Hopothesis, Baderbrau and Destihl.


By the way, we stopped posting keg rings some time ago, in case you happen to be looking for those. They can occasionally give insight into a new beer name but generally a bunch of round things with printing on it isn’t the best visual experience, so we focus on new package labels in these posts.

If anything comes through the TTB that we consider super interesting or newsworth, we may post an exception that proves the rule; we would likely also tweet them out separate from this post. Follow us here if you haven’t already.)

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