Review: Dogfish Head Aprihop

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Dogfish Head Aprihop: the brewer says…

“It is an American IPA brewed with Pilsner and Crystal malts massively hopped in the continuous fashion. The flavor is complimented by the addition of Apricots.”

Dogfish Head Aprihop
American IPA, 7% ABV

This is another fun, summer/spring beer – not necessarily hard to find, but I always seem to pick up a few bottles when I see it.

The beer pours an amber, light-orange color with a big, foamy head.

The aroma of hops and fruit (see: apricots) is very easy to detect. I love the flavor of this beer — the hops, malt and the fruit work so well together, neither overpowers the other, making it very well-balanced and refreshing.

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