Live-Blogging The Legislature (April 18th)

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Follow along as the Illinois legislature convenes in Springfield with a pending vote on tweaks to the Illinois Liquor Control Act and 3-tier system of alcohol beverage distribution in the Illinois House.

photo courtesy Eric Hausman (

photo courtesy Eric Hausman (

4:44 pm

House debate rages on but our live-blog is going to close up shop. We will update accordingly if something newsworthy happens.

3:43 pm

House still going. Waiting, ever so patiently, for HB 2606 to be called for a vote.

2:29 pm

Lawmakers are trickling back into the House chamber after the Democrats caucused for about an hour and 20 minutes.

1:12 pm

Word is firearm conceal/carry legislation could be voted on today.

1:12 pm

This is typically done to discuss key legislation and to ensure votes are there for passage, everyone is on the same page, etc.

1:11 pm

House Democrats are going to caucus with plans to return around 2pm.

12:59 pm

HB 2606 adds yet another co-sponsor. 64 members of the House now publicly support the bill. 60 yes votes are needed for passage.

12:46 pm

Here’s a video of the aforementioned shouting match:

12:42 pm

Lawmakers are currently debating pension investments and gun manufacturers. So far debate is less lively than the gun debate yesterday, which erupted into a shouting match.

12:40 pm

The amendment is a floor amendment meaning the amendment will be added into the record prior to debate. The bill will not have to go back to committee for a vote.

12:39 pm

Procedural update on HB 2606. An amendment was filed on the bill yesterday and that amendment has been approved by a House leadership committee today.

12:02 pm

HB 2606 would prohibit a brewer from owning a distributor, something Anheuser-Busch has done in Illinois since 2005.

12:01 pm

The big news pertaining to this bill, HB 2606, is that Anheuser-Busch has agreed to sell off its minority interest in distributor City Beverage by 2015:

11:59 am

The House is due in now and unlike yesterday our streaming feed is present and accounted for.

11:59 am

We are going to crank up the live-blogging machine for a second day in anticipation of the 3-tier system bill being called for a vote in the Illinois House.


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