New March 2021 Beer Labels From Illinois Brewers

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Here are the TTB approved March 2021 Beer Labels from Illinois breweries:

December 2020 Labels

Each month we pore over a database of labels approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, to bring you new beers from brewers across Illinois before they hit store shelves.

You can do this too, if you want! All of these are searchable and available to the public through the TTB’s website. But you don’t have to, because you have us and we’re the dorks that find this kinda stuff interesting. Aren’t you lucky!

Note: Just because a beer label has cleared the TTB does not mean it will be released soon, if at all. Some breweries send labels to the TTB simply to have them available if they decide to release a beer. Treat these labels as an idea of what your favorite Illinois breweries might be doing. Nothing is certain until the breweries release the actual beer.

Don’t get too excited, is all we’re saying. All of our previous label posts can be found here.

This month’s available labels include new looks from: Dovetail, Evil Horse, Goose Island, Hubbards Cave, Off Color, Old Bakery, Pipeworks, Pollyanna, Revolution, Shortfuse, Wake, Liquid Love, Afterthought, Great Central, Blind Pig, Energy City, Hopewell, Lena Brewing, More Brewing

01 dovetail hopfenweisse


Banana Foster New

Cinnamon Iced Mocha Outlines

HC Clearly Hopsurd

01 off color beer for movies

01 old bakery 6th anniversary beer

01 old bakery blimey

01 pipeworks nvu vs the haze

01 pipeworks unicorn cowboy

01 pollyanna amber pines

01 pollyanna behind abbey doors

01 pollyanna double zoned

01 pollyanna hazy pale ale

01 pollyanna moon hangs

01 pollyanna wrestling entrance

01 recess brewing before the devil knows you’re dead

01 recess brweing half hour in heaven


01 shortfuse juiced pharm strong


Cross stream Blank


02 big drop galactic dark

02 big drop paradiso

02 churct street strawberry maibock

02 energy city pineapple turbine

00003590-Goose Island – Stub Ripper 1×16 oz

02 goose unicorn fiesta

02 knox cty good news ale

02 lil beaver hoppy and lucky

02 lil beaver mental navigation

02 maplewood juice jorts

02 oslo brewing 1

02 oslo kveik ipa

02 oslo nordic pilsner

02 pipeworks many hats

02 pollyanna henry at two banana lager

02 pollyanna smrt smrt

02 recess brewing broken spoke


02 roaring table airframe

02 roaring table dunkel

02 sob 25k comments by midnight

02 solemn oath friday senior

03 blind pig blue pils

03 blind pig columbia street coffeee stout

03 blind pig phazers to stun

03 blind pig u of ipa

03 energy city batisserie cc macaroon

03 energy city bistro grande rasp velvet


03 gcbc festzelt

03 goose island so sauvy

03 holzlager ba grisette

03 ibw astronaut juice

03 liquid love auntie team

03 liquid love cobbler hugs

03 liquid love ipeeyay

03 liquid love saw them at the fireside

03 liquid love swinging swords

Time Consumer 14126364 Die Template-v1

DEAR TO HEART 14126364 Die Template

03 maplewood grahmmie cakes

03 off color beer for bathtubs

04 afterthought new york and back

04 beer for ballgames

04 church street pils yuzu meyer lemon

04 church street valley girl

04 dovetail bba rauchdoppelbock

04 dovetail rauchweizen

04 gcbc weizenbock

04 hopewell brewing desert palm

04 hopewell verified

04 lena big rooster smash

04 liquid love do a kickflip

04 liquid love grandma hugs

04 liquid love green jeans

In Through the Out Door 14126364 Die Template-v1

04 liquid love things we dont say

04 more brewing double space bookts

04 more mango passion double marbles

04 off color cherry beer for pizza

04 riverlands murky waters

05 civil life great hencini

05 mikerphone crazy sexyxul

05 mikerphone lcd hopsystem

05 mikerphone riwaka flocka flame

05 pipeworks gentle breeze

05 pipeworks groove grove


05 soundgrowler busse pilz

05 soundgrowler riff ryder

Looking for the approved March 2021 keg rings [which are also sent through the TTB]? We stopped posting those about forever ago. Why? Well, they can occasionally give insight into a new beer name but generally a bunch of round things with printing on it isn’t the best visual experience. We opted to focus on new package labels in these posts. That means cans and bombers in all different shapes and sizes. 

If anything comes through the TTB that we consider super interesting or newsworthy, we may post an exception that proves the rule. We would likely also tweet them out separate from this post. Follow us here if you haven’t already.

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