November 2020 New Illinois Beer Labels

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November 2020 New Illinois Brewery Labels

November 2020’s new TTB approved Beer Labels from Illinois breweries are here.

Each month we pore over a database of labels approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, to bring you new beers from brewers across Illinois before they hit store shelves.

You can do this too, if you want! All of these are searchable and available to the public through the TTB’s website. But you don’t have to, because you have us and we’re the dorks that find this kinda stuff interesting. Aren’t you lucky!

Note: Just because a beer label has cleared the TTB does not mean it will be released soon, if at all. Some breweries send labels to the TTB simply to have them available if they decide to release a beer. Treat these labels as an idea of what your favorite Illinois breweries might be doing. Nothing is certain until the breweries release the actual beer.

Don’t get too excited, is all we’re saying. All of our previous label posts can be found here.

November 2020’s new labels include new looks from: Church Street Brewing Company, Pipeworks, Goose Island, Forbidden Root, Hickory Creek, Blue Island Beer Co., Big Drop Brewing, Revolution, Prost, middle brow, Old Bakery and more:

01 big drop paradiso

the mouse the bird and the sausage

01 church street russian rhapsody

01 forbidden root cordial terms

GI_Vernalis_16oz StickerH

01 hickory creek danny boy irish read

01 hickory creek deer in the headlinghts

01 hickory creek prairie juice hazy

01 pipeworks no save point


01 temperance peppermint hot cocoa mmr

02 artesia streaker single

02 big drop galactic extra

02 foreign exchange double narangi



02 goose shea coulale royal edition

02 hop butcher double blazed

02 hopewell as if



02 hopewell erde

02 karetas english cardinal

02 lil beaver lil hairy cherry

02 mb bloc party

02 middlebrow delete facebook

02 on tour reprise

02 pipeworks dunkel

02 pipeworks mannys

02 pipeworks sparkle theory






02 4204 main street vanilla coffee juele

02 energy city pineapple breeze turbine

02 energycity guava sway turbine

03 artesia anna lucia

03 artesia rex tremendae

03 bold dog couch cuddles

03 energy city rosad

03 lil beaver happy shout

03 roaring table poseidons lantern

03 white rooster elemental

03 white rooster infusion

04 bold dog ok fine

04 bold dog whos a hazy boi


04 church street cranberry baniila sour

04 hopewell do tell dunkel

04 middle brow bloom

04 oib triple beezer

04 on tour north ontario

04 pipeworks doom jazz



04 saint errant chroniques strata


05 lil beaver holly jolly

05 scorched earth phoenix tears

Looking for the approved November 2020 keg rings [which are also sent through the TTB]? We stopped posting those about forever ago. Why? Well, they can occasionally give insight into a new beer name but generally a bunch of round things with printing on it isn’t the best visual experience. We opted to focus on new package labels in these posts. That means cans and bombers in all different shapes and sizes. 

If anything comes through the TTB that we consider super interesting or newsworthy, we may post an exception that proves the rule. We would likely also tweet them out separate from this post. Follow us here if you haven’t already.

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