Anyone Want To Buy A West Michigan Brewery?

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You don’t see this too often; an ad on Craigslist for a brewery.

Well – believe it or not, there is one, and it’s real.

MLive reports that Dan Humphrey, owner of the Michigan Beer Cellar in Sparta, Michigan, is ready to sell.

“I’m looking to move on,” said Humphrey, whose son, Nick, recently completed his co-purchase of the Hideout Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids.

“I’ve got some health issues and it’s getting to be too much for my wife and I,” he said. “I’ve been working probably 16 hours a day for three years straight to build this business and I need to slow down a bit.”

According to the ad on Craigslist you can buy everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, for $540,000.

Michigan Beer Cellar has a 5 BBL Brewery with all the equipment to produce beer for the taproom and for distribution. The Microbrewery has its own bottling equipment with 9 styles of beer out in the market. Six packs of 12 oz. bottles are distributed in the West Michigan area as well as ¼ and ½ BBL. Kegs. The distribution is currently in just a few local counties and could easily be expanded to other counties or states. Bottles of beer and wine are sold out of the taproom along with Growlers, and keg beer to local customers. The Artisan Distillery only supplies spirits for the taproom but with the license that is in place could distribute.

The licenses for the Micro-Brewery, winery, and distillery are all current and up to date. They can be transferred with some paper work and the owner would be willing to help with the licensing of the new owner. The recipes’ for the beers, names, and the label art for beers and wines are all for sale with the business. The business name “Michigan Beer Cellar” and dba’s “Michigan Wine Cellar” and “Michigan Rum Cellar” are also included in the sale.

If anyone recently talked about going in on a brewery with a bunch of your buddies , now’s your chance.

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