Goose Island + Sun Wah BBQ = Good Beers Alongside Baby Squids

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We’ve long been fans of the cuisine at Sun Wah BBQ on Broadway, going way back when it was around the corner on Argyle (you know, it’s the place with the barbecued ducks hanging in the windows) but never really associated it with beer other than perhaps that of the BYOB kind. This post on LTHForum we saw yesterday might help amend that.

Organized in conjunction with a fundraiser for an elementary school chess team, below is the most interesting beer dinner menu we’ve seen in quite a long time. Whole pig, Beijing duck, baby squid – if you’ve never been to Sun Wah, it may sound weird, but man, we bet it’s gonna be good.

Plus, grade-school kids playing chess! Come on. You can’t beat that. And you probably can’t beat them, if you take them on, as they sound pretty good.

They’ve only got 60 seats available to start; we recommend calling immediately.


we’re sorry for the short notice but this project was given to us only just last week and we really really want to help these students. =D

we are holding a beer dinner next wednesday, april 24th, 2013 at sun wah to help the students on the Goudy Elementary School’s Chess Team raise funds so they can pay for their admissions to participate in the national championships held here in chicago april 26th-28th. gathering time will be at 5:30pm, dinner will be at 6:30pm. this is the reason why we chose to help them fundraise: the 7th/8th grade team has been first place in the city two years in a row. their 5th/6th grade team is second place in the city. the k-2nd grade team is first place in the city. not only do we want to support these kids, we want to give them a chance to shine on the national stage! so please join us in supporting them by purchasing beer dinner tickets for next week’s dinner! their teacher sponsor, mr. steven tow, will be here that night if you have questions regarding the tournament. we have also invited the students to come by and play a few matches. if you’re up for a match, we’re pretty sure the students would be happy to oblige. =)

to interest you even further, this is the menu/beer pairing we have planned for your generosity. all of our food will be paired with goose island beers.

whole baby pig paired with lolita

beijing duck dinner service paired with matilda

pan seared tofu w/ garlic and bean paste sauce paired w/ matilda

ribeye cubes w/ peppers and onions paired with pepe nero

pan fried baby squid paired with sofie

steamed tofu stuffed w/ minced shrimp paired with sofie

stir fried baby bok choy paired with nut brown ale

bittermelon & chicken w/ black bean sauce paired with pere jacques

rules are simple:

1. pre-pay tickets on a first come, first served basis only. tickets are $50/person, master or visa over the phone or cash in person prior to the event. 773.769.1254, melissa, laura, or kelly can take your information.

2. we have planned 60 seats. if we fill up, we will open up more seats based on the size of the waiting list.

3. since this is a fundraiser, there will be no cancellations allowed once you have paid and confirmed your seats.

4. you will be seated communal table, family style so be prepared to meet new people if your party is less than 10

5. we reserve the right to split up your party to fill empty seats at other tables so that all tables will be filled with 10 people (makes for easier portioning and service, sorry!) yes, we will do our best to keep everyone together but sometimes, there are some odd numbers and we will try our best to keep you in the same general area at least.

6. if you call in separately but are part of a party of 10 wanting to be seated at the same table, please have a “common name” for your table, i.e., goudy teachers, so that we can sit those parties together.

7. if you want to buy the whole table, you are more than welcome to. if you own the table, you can seat more than 10 at the table, but be advised, you will only be portioned for 10 people.

come and play chess or watch the students play starting at 5:30pm. dinner starts at 6:30pm. (we don’t want to keep the students out too late….it is a school night. =P) please join us in supporting this exciting opportunity for the students!

quack quack!

the sun wah family

(Editor’s Note: We receive a ton of beer-related press releases, but we’ll only bring you the ones we think are relevant, fun, interesting, cool, newsworthy, or offer something we’d be interested in checking out ourselves. Rest assured we’re not just posting these to churn out content – take this as a tacit endorsement from the staff of GDB.)

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