Church Street Tale of the Shony Scottish Ale

IL September 2013 Beer Labels (14)

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Beer labels approved so far this month from Bent River, Church Street, Finch’s, Half Acre, JT Walker’s, Lake Bluff, Metropolitan, Off Color, Only Child, Revolution and Two Brothers.

(Editors Note: All beer labels in this post were found by searching the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s Certificate of Label Approval public database, which can be found HERE.)

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RyanIL September 2013 Beer Labels (14)


  1. Joy

    Real Women drink Beer too ! I was introduced to Home Brewing by my boyfriend over 30 years ago and have been enjoying a good Hoppy beer ever since. Sorry to say that boyfriend is long gone… Anyway can I be a member of too ?

  2. Ryan Author

    Well, Joy, we don’t exactly have “members” as we are in no way a club. The “Guys” portion of our title isn’t reflective of being inclusive or exclusive — but more all-encompassing. So keep enjoying those hoppy beers, knowing we’re all part of Chicago’s craft beer community.

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