Dark Lord Day 2017

Dark Lord Day 2017: A Photo Recap

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A mosh-pit level view of Dark Lord Day 2017.

Dark Lord Day 2017

We came. We saw.  We conq… nah, Dark Lord Day conquered us.


Bottle shares were abundant and so was the moshing. And beer. Lots and lots of beer. Three Floyds‘ move of Dark Lord Day to May proved to be a hit, with abundant sunshine to go with those double-digit ABV beers.

This is just some of the debauchery we witnessed Saturday.

All photos courtesy of Travis Schoening, T9 Creative.

(Special thanks to Three Floyds’ new communications director, Sara White, for the tour of the massively expanded brewery.)

Dark Lord Day 2017

You can find all of GDB’s Dark Lord-centric coverage here.

See you next year!

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