New Illinois Beer Labels for January 2021

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Here are the TTB approved Beer Labels from Illinois breweries for January 2021.

December 2020 Labels

Each month we pore over a database of labels approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, to bring you new beers from brewers across Illinois before they hit store shelves.

You can do this too, if you want! All of these are searchable and available to the public through the TTB’s website. But you don’t have to, because you have us and we’re the dorks that find this kinda stuff interesting. Aren’t you lucky!

Note: Just because a beer label has cleared the TTB does not mean it will be released soon, if at all. Some breweries send labels to the TTB simply to have them available if they decide to release a beer. Treat these labels as an idea of what your favorite Illinois breweries might be doing. Nothing is certain until the breweries release the actual beer.

Don’t get too excited, is all we’re saying. All of our previous label posts can be found here.

This month’s available labels include new looks from: 25 O’Clock, 93 Octane, Hopewell, Pipeworks, Goose Island, Phase Three, More Brewing, Riggs Beer Co., Whte Rooster, Midwest Coast, Riverlands, Scratch

01 93 octane american wheatwine

01 foreign exchange endless citra iiipa

GI_OutLiar_16oz Sticker_A_FINAL

01 hoepwell aerial

01 hopewell low key

01 hopewell prime time

01 hopewell pub culture

01 hopewell zippy ripper

01 ibw hallucignosis

01 lil beaver darkside of the wainbows

01 lil beaver grapefruit magic

01 lil beaver raspberry wainbows

01 lo res passionfruit shortcut

01 lo res whitespace

01 midwest coast holstein helles

01 midwest coast vaguely stylish argyle

01 midwest coast volkslager pils

01 more brewing consolation

01 more brewing honour

01 phase three goose if youre a bird

01 pieworks imperial botu

01 pipeworks cannot predict now

01 pipeworks grain on brunch with coffee

01 rabid gnome runner

01 recess alright alright

01 riggs pilsner

01 riverlands floppy ear

01 riverlands tamaki

01 scratch brweing dead leaves

01 temperance where I’m from

01 white rooster madam geneva

02 byers brewing lager

02 byers danny dewheato

02 byers docs brown ale

HC Double Chocolate Brownie TTB

02 ibw raimbow berry pie

02 maplewood son of juice

02 middlebrow by day beer

02 middlebrow isobel

02 middlebrow my window to yours

02 pipeworks toasty slopes

02 recess brewing placeholder

02 short fuse carnival of darkness

02 short fuse precious little treats

02 short fuse very bad kids

Passionfruit Murder Hornet

Peach Murder Hornet

03 byers bock to normal

03 byers formula ten ipa

03 byers new year new ipa


03 energy city blackcurrant pbj

03 forbidden root assembly required

03 forbidden root opposite effect ipa

03 goldfinger original lager

03 goldfinger pils

03 goldfinger vienna style lager

03 goldfinger zlotonator

03 japas taiyaki

03 lil beaver dipped and berried

03 lil beaver peach cumble

03 lil beaver snowball fight

03 lo rez girl named herb

03 more brewing best kept secret

03 off color coffee dinosmores

03 oswego brweing thatched roof

03 pipeworks beyond beyond

03 pipeworks pup

03 pipeworks twin speak




03 short fuse goodnes shakes baja blast

03 short fuse goodnes shakes guava

03 short fuse spring thaw maibock

04 25oclock ironic doom

04 byers holmestead hefeweizen

04 byers ni universe

04 lb exploding heads

04 lo rez local logic

04 riverlands colours and shapes

04 riverlands gilded king

04 riverlands tevatron

04 riverlands vibrant

Looking for the approved January 2021 keg rings [which are also sent through the TTB]? We stopped posting those about forever ago. Why? Well, they can occasionally give insight into a new beer name but generally a bunch of round things with printing on it isn’t the best visual experience. We opted to focus on new package labels in these posts. That means cans and bombers in all different shapes and sizes. 

If anything comes through the TTB that we consider super interesting or newsworthy, we may post an exception that proves the rule. We would likely also tweet them out separate from this post. Follow us here if you haven’t already.

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