Craft Beer’s Best Bargain is Back – Two Brothers Returns to Costco

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Every couple of weeks we make the rounds at Costco and always take note of the beer aisle. Most of the time they have boxes full of a couple dozen Corona or Becks, or the Costco “craft beers” that I’ve always threatened to try and never have. Occasionally something fun, like four different six packs of the recently released Kona beers. I’m glad to report that one of my favorite random offers is back: the Two Brothers Case has returned.20130211-185110.jpg

A couple years ago, we called this one of the best bargains in craft beer, and the price has been pretty stable. back in 2008 it was $22.99, now it’s up a buck to $23.99 and still represents a heck of a deal, be it at normal grocery store prices, corner store rates or prices of pints at the bar.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen it turn up with a couple different variations, most often with Prairie Path but the current one offers six bottles of Northwind Imperial Stout in addition to Cane & Ebel, Bitter End and Domaine Dupage, making it an even better buy than usual. It’s been a while since we saw this available, so find a friend with a membership card and get on it.

While we spotted this specifically at the Damen/Diversey/Clybourn location, we can’t imagine that they only made these cases for a single store. Sound off if you’ve seen more.

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