Your Favorite GDB Posts of 2013: Fall Beer Freedom, Resellers and Weird Beer Reviews

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Behold: the Top 10 GDB articles of 2013

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Now that we’ve run down the bulletpoints of 2013 in our Craft Beer Almanac, we thought we’d do a little navelgazing and take a look at the posts from us that you liked the most. (You like us! You really like us!)

For the Top 10 GDB articles of 2013, read on:

10: Our Interview with Alderman Ameya Pawar

After watching the rapid expansion of the brewing scene in Ravenswood through the early part of the year, we dubbed Pawar “the brewer’s alderman.” Based on how the rest of the city is picking up the pace, we might need to put a call into Aldermen Danny Solis and Bob Fioretti for Pilsen and the South Loop, respectively, for 2014.

9: Fall Beer Freedom Day Is Coming — 2013 Edition

After spotting an Oktoberfest on the shelves in late July, we recognized a need to stand astride the progress of seasonal beer history and holler “STOP.” On September third, we were free to indulge in all the harvest ales, marzens and even Xmas beers we wanted. Thanks to those of you who joined Team #FBFD so wholeheartedly this year.

8: Our Look at Stella Artois’ “Cidre”

For whatever reason, you folks seem real keen on what a major-scale beer brewer could do with a cider. Turns out it did pretty well, believe it or not.

7: The Restrictive, The Odd, The Goofy — A Look at IL’s Liquor Laws

No “fashion shows.” No beer sales on Sundays. No bottle service in Downers Grove. Illinois has some weird laws — and you were quite curious about them throughout 2013.

6: Don’t Be a Jerk Like These Guys Reselling BCBS, Hours After They Got It

If I had stood in the cold for hours and hours, just to come home and find someone jacking up the price and letting someone buy it with an email, I’d probably be pretty pissed off. Judging by the sharing of the post, some of you were too.

5: We Reviewed Straw-Ber-Rita And You Guys Read It a Whole Bunch

Either we’re the only people writing about some of this stuff, or you guys have as much of an appreciation for covering weird stuff as we do.

4: FoBAB Ticket Resellers on Craigslist — You Guys Didn’t Like This Person Either

I’m kinda glad your outrage at this stuff matches ours, for the most part.

3: Lagunitas’ Taproom: Updates, Details, Delays, Updates Again

We could have been updating this post all year. Suffice to say…taproom still ain’t open. C’mon, 2014!

2: A Few Thoughts About Beer, Gender, and What Women “Should” Drink

We wrote a good thousand words about all this whatnot, but in the end, we have to defer to Tracy from Metropolitan Brewing, who should really serve as our editor. She summed it up perfectly (and quickly) with this:

Dear Media: Please do stop trying to identify what a person will drink based on their genitals. Unless a drinking vessel requires the *actual use* of a woman’s delicate flower or a man’s joystick, please just stop. Just. Stop. – Signed, the broad who owns a brewery and drinks whatever the hell she wants.

1: Three Days In Cleveland

Ironically, this Chicago-based beer website’s biggest-trafficked page in 2013 wasn’t even about our hometown. It was a late-winter trip to the CLE that prompted appreciation and ire from all sides (seriously, we’re sorry we used “mistake by the lake,” we get it, you don’t like it).

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