Beer Politics: “3 Floyds Amendment” Passes Committee

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What is being dubbed the “3 Floyds Amendment” – by 3 Floyds, rightfully so – unanimously passed an Indiana Senate Committee Thursday. The bill, HB 1054 for those keeping score at home, increases the production cap for craft brewers in the state. Currently it stands at 30,000 barrels. The new limit would be increased to MORE THAN 30,000 barrels and adds the caveat that it be for sale or distribution within the state.

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Just last year 3 Floyds and Indianapolis based Sun King Brewing successfully led a push to increase the barrel production cap from 20,000 barrels to 30,000 barrels. The bill was signed in to law last summer – months before both breweries, along with Upland Brewing in Bloomington, Indiana, were closing in on that 20,000 barrel mark.

A brewer who surpasses the barrel limit loses its “small brewer” status, which means losing out on some pretty nice perks including tax breaks, self-distribution rights and on-site sale privileges.

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The amendment still needs to be voted on by the full Indiana Senate and the Indiana House before (hopefully) being signed by the governor.

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