Beer Under Glass 2014 – A Story of Mud, Cold and Beer

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This is the view that most people will remember from Beer Under Glass 2014:

Beer Under Glass 2014 Mud

Oh, and it wasn’t even Under Glass.

But that doesn’t mean we had a bad time. 

Even before I arrived, the tweets about the turf were flying:

So I was glad I wasn’t wearing my open-toed 6-inch heels. What an embarrassment that would have been. I’ve discussed my basic thoughts about the event over at Time Out Chicago, so allow me to supplement that with the view from my camera.

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Behold, Beer Under Glass 2014: The Muddy One.

BUG2014 014
A saison through a coffee randall? Sign me up, Middlebrow.
A saison through a coffee randall? Sign me up, Middlebrow. Their Junta collaboration with Transient, a brown sour session ale, was quite nice as well.
BUG2014 022
BUG2014 024
DESTIHL’s wild ale also impressed. We look forward to trying their Black Berliner at this years South of 80.
BUG2014 029
This older gentleman, rocking a Three Floyds Dreadnaught hoodie, was perhaps more well prepared than most for the elements.
BUG2014 032
Over at the Goose tent, the newly released Madame Rose went pretty fast (as you might imagine). The Endless IPA, also on hand, was…okay.
BUG2014 038
*obligatory artsy flower shot*
BUG2014 039
A pile of ice. Quite obviously, unused.
BUG2014 043
Spiteful brewer Calvin Fredrickson, caught in a brief moment away from the tent. Yes, he is wearing jorts. Yes, he was cold.
BUG2014 047
Dont tell the brewers that the longest line wasnt for beer…but for hot fresh donuts.
BUG2014 051
You can begin to see just how waterlogged the available lawn area became.
BUG2014 054
Not pictured in this image: The feet of Penrose brewer Tom Korder in a couple of inches of mud.
BUG2014 056
Unsurprisingly, the 5 Rabbit line for paletas and a chance to bend the ear of Randy Mosher started long and stayed long.
BUG2014 057
By nightfall, the interior began to take on a shelter mentality. Huddled masses, yearning to drink beer in a warm environment.

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