Bourbon County Overdose: Goose Island Tap Takeover at Paddy Longs

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We’ve long been fans of Paddy Longs, and our experiences with Goose Island tap takeovers have also been well noted. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw this info cross our email inbox:

So, holy crap. Pencil that in right now.

While we expect those taps to start pouring immediately at 7 on Friday and not stop running until the kegs are dry about 5 minutes later, we hope to get our hands on some of that Cherry Rye. And after you’re done binging on each and every version of BCBS they’ve got, take our advice: create your own blend. Our combination of the Vanilla and Coffee in 2010 was exponentially awesome, although the chance to take the figs of a Black Mission and pair those with a little Night Stalker seems near impossible to resist.

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However, if your probably-slammed bartender gives you  a surly look while they beat back a huge horde of snarling BCBS-crazed beer geeks, just drink the damn beer and be happy. That list is kinda insane.

(Are we terrible people for wishing for the ancho chile infused version of BCBS and maybe even Big John to make an appearance? Probably, yeah, we’re greedy, terrible people). 

See you there?

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