Three Floyds Announces a Drive-Thru Dark Lord Day 2020

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This brings a whole new meaning to “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.”

Dark Lord Day 2020
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Hot on the heels of this morning’s Goose Island Prop Day drive-thru announcement, Three Floyds has come out and said “yeah, us too!” regarding the delayed Dark Lord Day 2020 event.

Just this afternoon, FFF dropped some surprise info to their Dark Lord Day website announcing that Dark Lord Day 2020 will also be a drive-thru pickup release event. Even though there’s won’t be any full-on metalhead bottle-share insanity like other years, fans will at least get to take home a few bottles of the world’s most sought after imperial stout (okay, one of them).

This year’s allotment will cost $170, and buyers will get five bottles — four DLD and one variant. Guests can purchase up to two allotments, and for those that purchase two, each package will feature a different variant while supplies last.

Fiscally speaking, five bombers of DLD for $170 is a better per-ounce offer than four 500ml bottles of Bourbon County for $130, in case you’re watching the beer budget.

Tickets go on sale in two weeks, so set that calendar reminder for Monday, October 19 at 3pm. You should probably also play an appropriate soundtrack. There’s a lot of additional fine print about the pickup process and merch purchase info at the website which we recommend familiarizing yourself with. The contactless pickup process will take place between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. each day between Thursday, November 5 – Tuesday, November 10.

We’re still bummed that the FFF Brewpub is still shuttered for the indeterminate future, but news about Dark Lord Day 2020 in scary-spooky October feels honestly very fitting.

Now here’s Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

Want to see more from Dark Lord Day throughout the years? Check out our Dark Lord Day Archives. What are you more excited for: Prop Day or a belated DLD pickup? Email us.

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