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Metropolitan in Cans

It’s true. Metro is canning their beers for summer release.

Well, here’s something we never saw happening. Like, ever.

Per a press release today, Metropolitan Brewing will be releasing three of their beers in cans for the first time ever. Metro has long been a canned-beer holdout but the decision was made about six months ago to move some of their beers into a canned format.

And, of course, the hit that the coronavirus has dealt them (and pretty much all other breweries) has accelerated that move. The Tribune has more on that side of the story here.

We spotted the new label for their Stromhaus Helles a couple weeks ago, but assumed it was just a new bottle they were adding to the mix — we figured there was no way they’d add a new beer in a can.

They’ll also be sending out Jet Stream Wheat and Krankshaft Kolsch within the next 4-6 weeks, and we can expect to see Humbucker Dortmunder and Flywheel Pilsner by the end of the summer.

Do we dare to dream of a world where Magnetron Schwarzbier comes in a can? Or the city’s best Oktoberfest beer, Afterburner? (Actually that one feels better just in a bottle, I think.)

Wonders never cease. This is great news — and even more than before, we can’t wait to get back out on the patio at their riverside taproom ASAP. And with news this week about Argus closing and the Great Taste of the Midwest cancelled for this year, Metropolitan in cans is a bright little spot in an otherwise grey beer world.

Full press release follows:

For the very first time, Metropolitan Brewing, one of Chicago’s oldest and most beloved independently-owned breweries, will release three different beers in 12 oz cans. Starting in May, you’ll be able to purchase 6-packs of 12 oz cans of Jet Stream Wheat and Stromhaus Helles. Early in June, you’ll be able to purchase 12-packs of 12 oz cans of local favorite Krankshaft Kolsch. Plans to release canned lagers have been in the works since December 2019. Recently changing consumer demand placed special importance on the project.

The timing of this release also coincides with what would have been Illinois Craft Beer Week. “We wanted to give our fans and consumers something to look forward to. This is a time designated to celebrate the local craft beer industry, breweries and consumers,” says Tracy Hurst, Co-founder & President. “Now more than ever, drinkers are making thoughtful choices. They’re looking to support local. They want to stock up on beers they know and trust. We were planning to can Jet Stream anyway. We decided to add Stromhaus Helles early on in the project, back in January. Over the past month, we decided that 12-packs of Krankshaft should probably join the family because how much fun would that be?!”

All three canned beers will be available for purchase during tap room carry-out hours, and online for curbside pick-up. Jet Stream will be a featured beer in the Bitter Pops Newbies and Freshies Illinois Craft Beer Week Box, available in May. Follow Metropolitan’s social media feeds to keep up on exact release dates and retail locations. And stay tuned for news about cans of Humbucker Dortmunder, Metropolitan’s collaboration brew with Kuma’s Corner; and 12-packs of Flywheel Pilsner Bier cans later this summer.

Krankshaft Kolsch is pale straw in color and features a light, but round malt character. Gentle hop spice compliments the fruity flavors kicked off by ale yeast fermentation. Jet Stream Wheat features a wallop of wheat malt as well as a small amount of acidulated malt, resulting in a bright, spicy sourdough flavor. Stromhaus Helles is a showcase for Pilsner Malt and Noble Hops. Metropolitan’s homage to the style is lightly sweet and features a clean, zippy finish.


Based in Chicago Illinois, Metropolitan Brewing has been in business since 2009 and produces more than a dozen German-style beers fueled by tradition, attention to detail, and rock ‘n roll. For more information visit or follow them on Facebook /MetropolitanBrewing/, Twitter @MetroBrewing, and Instagram @metrobrewing.

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