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Welcome and Cheers from the staff of Guys Drinking Beer – we’re rolling out this site on the same day that Stone Brewing is making its official entrance into our home city of Chicago, so we figured this would be as good a time as any to build this particular web presence, and generally impose upon the world our particular opinions about brewing.

Why are we here?  Well, mostly because we enjoy beer, we enjoy going to various places to drink beer, we enjoy tracking down rare and obscure beer around Chicago and the greater Midwest, and we enjoy all things related to the brewing arts.  Some of us travel the Midwestern states on a regular basis to scour out the best that the country’s center has to offer.  Some of us have drank their way across the nation, from 40s of Country Club in California to craft brews outside of Presidential inaugurations in Washington DC.  And some of us just plain old like quality brewing.  It’s all good – and you’ll find it all here.

We’ve got lots of plans for Guys Drinking Beer, from beer reviews to vertical tastings across many a year, to bar reviews and specialty draft offerings and a general appreciation of beer overall.  But mostly, we just wanted to create a space online where we could talk about all the great beer we drink, and appreciate the bartenders, craftsmen and brewers who bring it to us.

So with that, a hearty cheers, Skol, Sláinte, Prost and Na zdorovje.  Let’s go drink some beer.

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