From The Cellar: Dark Horse 3 Guy Off The Scale Barley Wine 2009

Dark Horse says:

“A barley wine style ale brewed to 15% alcohol with hints of raisin, chocolate, caramel, sherry, cherry, and alcohol, just to name a few. And this beer will only get better with age.”

img_02981Dark Horse 3 Guy Off The Scale Barley Wine
American Barleywine, 15% ABV

(Editors note: we’ve stockpiled enough Dark Horse 3 Guy Off The Scale to review it every-so-often to see how it is developing, aging and changing. Feel free to read through from the one year tasting to the most recent review. However, if you’d like to jump around, be our guest, and read more about Dark Horse 3 Guy Off The Scale after one year, three years and five years in the cellar.) Continue reading

2014 Illinois Legislative Roundup

Lawmakers, on Thursday, adjourned for spring break and won’t return to the statehouse until April 29th. Here’s a look at where bills pertaining to the beverage industry stand heading into to the final month of the spring legislative session.


Note: We’ll update this post as the bills listed below advance or others are introduced or amended. Updates will be in bold.

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Inside the Brew: Yeast 101 With Omega Yeast Labs

We here at Guys Drinking Beer love to trumpet our local breweries; particularly those operating on small scales. But what about the people behind the beer? Or perhaps, more accurately, the people behind the ingredients in the beer?

Lance Shaner is one of those people. He runs Omega Yeast Labs, where we imagine he runs around in a long, white lab coat with a beaker in one hand and a craft beer in the other. We talked with Lance about how he got his start, why fresh yeast matters and Omega Yeast’s big breakthrough creating hybrid yeast strains.

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