“SOUTH OF 80” SNAPSHOT: Rolling Meadows Brewery

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In the days leading up to our “South of 80” event at The Green Lady, we wanted to make you a little more familiar with the attending breweries, most of which are being made available in Chicago for the first time. Today we take a look at Springfield’s Rolling Meadows Brewery.

There’s something uniquely Midwestern about the beers created by Rolling Meadows, right down to the minimalist and even Prairie-style labels on their bottles. Another brewery that we were made aware of during the “Save the Craft” campaign, owner and head brewer Chris Trudeau testified before the House Executive Committee on SB 754.

After the bill was signed in to law, Rolling Meadows became the first Illinois brewery to apply for a Craft Brewer’s license and currently self-distributes their beer to around 25 different Springfield-area accounts. Per our downstate sources, we understand that as soon as kegs of Rolling Meadows beer makes it onto a tap handle, it doesn’t last long at all.

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Rolling Meadows will be offering the following, for the first time ever in Chicago, at “South of 80:”

  • Lincoln’s Lager: When we sampled this brew it came as a bit of a surprise for a lager-styled beer. Almost as hoppy as some pale ales and quite dry. As many times lagers can be uncomplicated for palates that aren’t familiar with craft beer as others, it’s good to know that some breweries are still creating varieties on the style that can raise the eyebrows of beer reviewers. If this were ever to make its way into tall boy cans, Daisy Cutter would have a competitor on its hands.
  • Abe’s Ale: Quite different from the Lincoln Lager, this ale is rich, sweet and quite intense – clocking in at nearly 10% ABV. Not that you’d notice it – any hint of too much alcohol (as though there could be such a thing) is covered up by alternating flavors of maple syrup and nuts with perhaps even a hint of ancho chile spice beneath. A marvelous beer for sipping in early fall or late spring, warming and comfortable.
  • Springfield Wheat: A classic hefeweizen in appearance; yellow-orange in color, cloudy and murky, with a sticky, pearl colored head. This interesting, clove-forward hefeweizen, sparkles with light banana flavors and a touch of hops – plucked fresh from the family farm in Cantrall, IL. The Springfield Wheat goes down smooth with just the right amount of carbonation and a sessionably low 4.5% ABV.
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Owner and head brewer Chris Trudeau and his beers have created quite the buzz around the state’s capitol. Come meet him, drink his beer and find out what the buzz is about.

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