Dark Lord Day 2014, Told Through Tweets

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While we were hanging out at Norse Bar celebrating the lighter side of life at our Perfectly Pleasant and Positive Pilsner Party, some of you were apparently at a thing some were calling Dark Lord Day 2014.

Many of you were kind enough to tweet about it, for the benefit of those of us who either had no tickets, wanted no tickets, or had already paid someone a few hundred bucks to stand in line and mule DL back to Chicago for us.

The beers. The bottle sharing. The lines. The bands. The spills. The blood, sweat and tears of those who chose to spend a day in lovely NWIndiana. We salute you all.

Before the tweeting fun, here’s some other Dark Lord Day related GDB’ery:

Here’s how Dark Lord Day 2014 looked through the (possibly occasionally bleary) eyes of the attendees:

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