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Some 4th Of July Patriotic Macrobrewing Beer Reading

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Happy 4th, y’all.

We’ve put together some light holiday beer reading for you, featuring some of our most “American” reviews.

For the large number of folks who are of legal drinking age in the USA today, odds are that it’s going to be a marathon of canned beer by the case. Those cans will be filled with beers that are heavily advertised during sporting events and come with “features” like a wide-mouth for easy drinkin’, color-change technology to tell you when they’re cold, punch-holes in the top for additional easy drinkin’, and bow-tie shapes for…well, we’re still not sure.

All of this is fine. It’s the way it is.

While folks are doing this, we thought it might be good to point you back to some of the beers we’ve looked at that might be considered more traditionally “American.” We acknowledge that for about 90% of the country, “American” beer still means adjunct lagers, malt liquor, macrobrews and the like. So it goes.

So on this day where we celebrate our independence, remind yourself also of what’s out there in the world. Crank up the Tractor Boy and take a look at a few of the things we’ve looked at in years past:

And, as a sort of palate cleanser from all that, here’s our take (from 3 years ago!) of the aptly-named collaboration between Half Acre, Short’s and Piece: Freedom of ’78.

Enjoy yourselves. Drink what you like. Be safe. Enjoy the beer reading. Yeehaw.

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